CNC Precision Machining

CNC machining automates the operation of machine tools using programmed computer commands. It facilitates the accurate production of many different kinds of parts ranging from simple drop off screw machine parts to highly complex components.  Here is a brief overview of our CNC machining capabilities:


CNC Milling

CNC milling is a cost effective solution for machining parts with complex shapes and/or tight tolerances, especially for low volume projects. CNC precision milling can produce virtually any shape where the material is accessible by the rotating cutting tools.  Also, if you have components that are not round or square and have a unique or complex shape, we can help.  With inhouse custom fixturing capabilities, we specialize in the precision milling and machining of hard-to-hold, difficult-to-manufacture castings, forgings and other metal components.  Learn More.


CNC Turning

Contour offers a number of precision CNC turning services for a wide range of industries and applications. Turning processes include cutting, facing, threading, forming, drilling, knurling, and boring. We can work with steel, stainless,  brass, bronze, copper, iron,  nickel, tin, titanium, Inconel and more. We can also machine plastics like ABS, Polycarbonate, PVC, and PTFE. Work piece sizes range from less than 1” in diameter to about 10” in diameter, and up to about 12” in length, depending upon part configuration. Thru the bore capacity in the lathes is up to 3” diameter.  Typical volumes range from 25 pieces to 15,000 pieces.  Learn More.


Mill/Turn Machining

At Contour, we use state of the art Mori Seiki and Hitachi Seiki Milling / Turning Centers to perform simple to complex turning, milling, threading, drilling, boring, tapping and knurling operations.  Materials range from aluminums and plastics to various irons, steels, and stainless steels. We can work with hot rolled and/or cold drawn material. Work holding is generally accomplished via 10” 3 jaw chucks. Work piece sizes range from less than 1” to about 15”, depending on part configuration. Typical volumes range from 25 pieces to 25,000 pieces. We take on prototype work when there is a good likelihood that the prototypes will lead to future production orders.  Learn More.


Five Axis Machining

Five-axis machining allows us to move a workpiece along five different axes simultaneously. This provides precision machining of complex parts and the ability to drop-off many components complete…thus making the use of this advanced technology extremely economical. Five-axis CNC machining and five-sided milling is also ideal for achieving the fine surface finishes increasingly being required by our customers.  Our equipment include a Haas UMC750 5 Axis machine, a Deckel Maho DMU 50 Evo 5-axis, 5 sided machining center and a Hitachi Seiki Super Hi-Cell  CNC 5 axis  turn/mill with bar feeders and 10” chucks.


Horizontal Machining Centers (HMCs)

Horizontal machining centers provide additional access to a part. That means multiple faces of a workpiece can be machined in a single setup. As a result, a part that may have six operations on a vertical machine can be completed in just two on a horizontal. Performing batch machining or having the ability to access multiple sides in one setup leads to better quality parts. The ability to reduce setups, handling and machining time make horizontal machines a great solution for low-volume, repeat work.  Our horizontal machining centers include a Mori Seiki NHX 4000,and two Mori Seiki NH400DCG machines.  The work envelope on our horizontals is 16”X 16” X16”.


Vertical Machining Centers (VMCs)

Vertical Machining, also known as milling, uses rotary cutters to remove metal from a workpiece. This technology employs a spindle in a vertical orientation, working with gravity, allowing for the removal of material from the top of a workpiece.  These machines are extremely versatile and, with 3, 4 & 5 axis capabilities VMCs, can machine a wide range of shapes.  Our equipment includes a Mori Seiki DV5100 machining center with APV and 3 Hitachi Seiki VM-40 VMCs with APV.  The work envelope on our VMCs is 22”X17”X12”.