Contour was originally established in 1986 as a cutting tool manufacturer servicing the screw machine industry.  But over the years, with the addition of four and five axis CNC precision machining capabilities and inhouse engineering, the company’s primary thrust is now precision machining and milling of hard-to-hold and hard-to-manufacture components and sub-assemblies. Our decades of tooling experience and inhouse custom tooling and fixturing, allows us to be especially competitive on projects that call for the milling and/or machining of hard or exotic materials  that are traditionally tough on tooling.  This results in greater control of the project, shorter lead times and lower costs.

While we no longer aggressively sell our tooling capabilities on the open market, we will make custom tooling for our customers as part of a production run on a precision milling or machining project. Also , if you’re a repetitive  user of custom tooling, talk to us. In certain cases, we might be able to provide you with higher quality tooling, faster and at a more competitive price.  Some of the custom cutting tools we are particularly skilled at producing include:

  • High speed steel
  • Carbide tipped
  • Solid carbide
  • Dovetail form tools
  • Flat form tools
  • Form tool blanks