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Contour has the skills, equipment & experience to handle difficult to manufacture and hard to hold castings

What Makes Us Different
We get you to market fast because we design & build our custom fixtures inhouse, Precision machining of complex castings for mission critical components.provide value-added assembly, and help you manage your castings or forgings suppliers.

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How We Add Value
We add value to your supply chain by providing deep engineering support, inventory Precision milling, machining and painting of complex, hard to hold options, one stop shopping, inhouse fixturing, and single-source responsibility

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Our Specialty
Our niche is the precision Contour specializes in the precision milling and machining of hard to manufacture, hard to hold castings, forgings and other metal components.machining of low-to-mid mid volume, hard-to-hold difficult to manufacture castings, forgings and other metal components.

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Contour Precision Milling & Machining (Contour Tool, Inc.) is a woman-owned, family-run machining company, headquartered in Elyria, Ohio. We provide customers with near 100% on-time delivery of low to mid-volume precision machining at competitive pricing. Our capabilities include precision milling, turning, drilling, tapping, boring, reaming, recessing, thread milling, laser marking, wire EDM, 3-D machining and value-added assembly. We serve a broad range of markets including, industrial, aerospace, agricultural/construction equipment, HVAC, racing, marine, pumps/valves, medical equipment, transportation, heavy truck, recreational vehicles, compressors, and oil & gas.

Who We Are

Contour has invested heavily in equipment to provide customers with world class quality products, the first time, everytime.

Contour is a woman-owned machining company headquartered in Elyria, OH. Our company was founded in 1986 by Paul and Donna Reichlin and it is run today by their daughter and CEO Michelle Reichlin and a team of more than 25 machining industry professionals. Our niche is precision machining and milling of hard-to-hold and hard-to-manufacture components and sub-assemblies in low to mid-volumes.

This is our sweet spot and we’re really good at it. It’s where we can add real value. Sometimes this means precision machining or milling hard-to-hold, odd-shaped castings, forgings or components. Other times it means machining hard materials or tackling hard-to-manufacture parts that other machining companies didn’t want to touch. The bottom line is that when you need someone to do the hard stuff in low to mid-volumes, we’re the people to call.

That having been said, this doesn’t mean we won’t tackle simpler or higher volume projects, because we will. But the key focus of what we do and what makes us different, is our ability to do the tough stuff. Tough parts or simple, we have the people, skills, technology and experience to produce defect-free parts on-time and on-budget… the first time, every time. We have the quality systems and processes in place to ensure that the parts you receive are exactly the parts you ordered …with no surprises.

How We Do Business

At Contour, our goal is to build strategic, long term customer relationships based on Authenticity, Reliability and Credibility…something we call the A.R.C. of the Customer.

ARC of the Customer

How We Earn Your Trust

At Contour everything we do centers arount TRUST, it is a word that Contour Precision Milling Core Valuesdefines us and makes up our Core Values:

  • Transparency – What you see is what you get…no false illusions…no false perceptions
  • Respect – We treat our employees and our customers like family
  • Unwavering Integrity – 100% we do as we say guarantee
  • Servant Leadership – We believe all of our employees are leaders, and that all leaders were meant to serve
  • Technical Credibility – Over 30 years worth of technical innovation goes into our precision milling & machining

Our Capabilities

Contour has the equipment and experienced machinists to make even the most difficult to manufacture components.

  • CNC Precision Milling
  • CNC Precision Machining
  • CNC Precision Turning
  • CNC Precision Mill Turn
  • CNS Machining and Assembly
  • Wire EDM
  • Machining of Castings
  • Machined Prototype
  • Manufacturability of prototypes
  • Value Added Assemblies
  • Specialty Cutting Tools

Our Higher Mission

Contour machines precision components and sub-assemblies. Its what we do…and we are really good at it. But the parts we make are just the tip of the ice burg. We have a much higher mission, and that mission is to provide the precision machined components and sub-assemblies our customers need to design products that make a real difference in all our lives. Machined components that allow our customers to make our cars and trucks safer, enhance oil and gas production, provide mobility for the disabled, help farmers produce more food to feed a growing world population and develop medical equipment for world class health care. Making this kind of a difference involves a whole lot more than just running parts. It requires the will and the skills to solve problems that really matter. That’s what we do.

Our Niche: Machining Hard To Hold Castings, Forgings & Metal Components

Contour niche is precision milling and machining of hard to hold, difficult to manufacture castings, forgings and other metal components.

Do you need precision machining done on parts that are not round or square? Do you need machining done on parts that are difficult to hold? We specialize in difficult to hold castings – sand castings, aluminum castings, investment castings, powdered metal castings, ductile iron castings. We’ll work with your casting supplier or oversee that process for you. Managing casting suppliers to meet your needs is just part of what we do