Inventory Management Options

Unlike most other machining companies, Contour is willing to provide a variety of inventory management options to customers willing to sign a 12 month blanket order or long term agreement. These innovative inventory management options help you:

  • Get optimal discount pricing based on higher volumes & fixed costs
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Reduce your inventory costs and inventory control issues
  • Next day shipping available
  • Save warehouse space
  • Climate controlled warehousing of your products
  • Meet spikes in your customer orders because delivery of parts is no longer tied to production and machining lead times

Here are some of the options you can choose from:

A. The Contour Custom Inventory Stocking Program

Our stocking program is designed to help you save money and help you deal with unexpected spikes or changes from your customers.   We’ll tailor a program to fit your specific needs and to ensure you never run out of parts when you need them.  With a long term agreement, we can make a single run and stock your parts on our shelves to be shipped as you need them…or we can run your parts at periodic intervals to match your needs  Either way you can save the costs associated with carrying and managing inventory inhouse and have the peace of mind knowing that your parts will be ready and waiting whenever you need them.

B. Kanban Systems

Our Kanban systems create a customized, highly logical way for you to the ever-changing needs of your customers.  With more than two decades of serving customer needs, Contour is well-equipped to help you understand the myriad of benefits and potential drawbacks  of using a Kanban system. Properly designed and implemented, a Kanban system can reduce inventory levels (and associated costs), eliminate storage on your plant floor, reduces obsolete products and it makes it easy for you to see which products are selling and how quickly.

C. Just In Time (JIT) Systems

Another option available to Contour customers is a custom Just In Time  inventory management system.  Working together, we will set up a schedule and system to ensure that we always have the right volume of safety stock on the shelf at all times.  As you pull from stock, we automatically run more parts to replenish the stock as necessary to maintain on-time deliveries the first time, every time…domestically or globally.