Contour offers complete turnkey manufacturing services from machining to final assembly. Whether it’s a simple sub-assembly or the complex assembly of an entire machine, Contour has the expertise and experience required to not only make your parts, but we can also assemble them and ship them directly to you or your customers…freeing your employees up for other assignments.  We can develop a custom assembly process to fit your needs specifically, saving you both time and money.

Our plant is set up for versatility, allowing us to customize processes to meet your needs. After assembly, parts can be kitted, packaged, and labeled to customer specifications. Ancillary components such as fasteners can be supplied by our customers or sourced by Contour.  We are a comprehensive machining and manufacturing facility that can provide you with the mechanical assembly, procurement, quality assurance, and engineering support and services it takes to deliver defect-free assemblies and sub-assemblies on-time and on-budget.  Got an assembly project in mind?  Let’s talk about it. You’ll find that the Contour team is laser-focused on providing the personal service and lean manufacturing/assembly processes it takes to help you improve efficiency, reduce costs and get to market faster.