Custom Construction Parts Machining & Assembly

Contour Tool machines aluminum, brass, ductile iron, plastic, stainless steel, and most steels. We start most projects with bar stock, castings, forgings, or plates. Our most complex construction project to date includes value added assembly

We build a machine that cold-forms the clamp groove in 2″ to 24″ schedule 10 thru 80 piping used in large piping projects.

Contour stepped in to help our customer source, manufacture, assemble, test, package, and manage inventory. We ship directly to the customers distribution center for shipment to the end user.

This project uses our lathes, mill/turn centers, 3 to 5 axis mills and laser marking machine to create many of the component parts needed.

Whether it be the machining of hard-to-hold parts, the management of inventory, or the assembly and packaging of product, Contour has the depth and skill to tackle your project.