Contour Precision Milling & Machining is laser focused on providing world class quality products and assemblies to its customers…the first time, every time. We make every effort possible to ensure that a bad part never leaves our plant.

Our company-wide obsession with quality is a major reason why we are able to provide you with near 100% on-time delivery of defect-free precision machined castings, forgings and other metal components.

In an industry where tolerances are tighter, lead times shorter and expectations higher, we have invested heavily in the technology, people and training it takes to deliver world class quality. To us, quality not only means never allowing a defective part to leave our plant, but it also means: 

  • Being on time to meetings
  • Respecting deadlines
  • Always doing what we said we would do
  • Impeccable project management
  • Following through on details
  • Fulfilling all commitments