Hydraulic/Pneumatic Parts Machining

From the start of Contour’s transition to CNC precision machining, hydraulic valve bodies of any complexity have been a staple at Contour Tool. From aluminum, brass, iron, steel, or stainless, Contour performs a wide variety of simple to advanced machining operations to achieve customer needs. Our experience with mill/turn centers, Vertical Machining Centers, Horizontal Machining Centers, 5-Axis Mills and wire EDM allows us flexibility machining valve bodies with 20 inspection characteristics to manifolds with 217 inspection characteristics of varying sizes, shapes, and requirements.

One of the most complex manifolds we have tackled involved a part used in a regenerative braking system for commercial vehicles. The part cost from other sources exceeded budgetary figures for the customer so our help was sought out.

Contour’s team, using a horizontal machining center, worked together to develop best-in-class tooling and a cost effective production process that included clear anodizing of a 3” X 4” X 5” aluminum manifold with +/- .0001” tolerances.

Contour’s team has the expertise to deliver the quality you need, when promised, at a competitive price. You can trust us with your most critical parts.

We offer stocking programs to our customers on a consistent basis. One of the major customers we make various sized manifolds for takes us up on this offer. This allows for JIT shipment/manufacturing needs to be met for the customer and also ensures lowest total cost as we make the product based on the customer’s EAU. We also never stock out of parts for the customer as we manage the inventory levels and need to restock parts with the necessary lead-time in mind.

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