Automotive Safety

Market:  Auto Safety Equipment

Function:  Pitch adjusters

The Challenge:

A major manufacturer of safety testing equipment for the automotive industry was abruptly informed that a key precision machining supplier was being sold to a national tooling company and that the new management team was changing the focus of the company.   The supplier would no longer be producing their parts.  Being mission-critical parts, it was imperative that the company find a new supplier… fast.  They called Contour because we were rated as their top machining performer.


The parts were low-volume, difficult-to-manufacture components with tight tolerances and some tough features. Contour’s highly experienced team of machining professionals developed a precision machining process using five axis technology that would ensure a perfect fit between the teeth of two heat-treated parts that needed to mate up perfectly. Being a safety-critical application, the only acceptable level of quality was zero defects.


In less than three months, Contour, working closely with the manufacturer’s engineering and purchasing teams, was able to launch the process, earn first pass approval on PPAPs and begin shipping several different versions of defect-free product on-time and on-budget.  Problem solved.


When you make products that are responsible for saving peoples’ lives,  you need  a machining supplier that  provides on time, defect-free  deliveries…the first time, every time.  You need Contour.