Product Gallary

This low volume, hard to hold aerospace component is used in fuel system applications. Tolerances and finish cosmetics are critical. We were able to ship defect-free parts on-time and on-budget prompting the customer to source several other additional aerospace components for fuel system applications to Contour.

precision machined hard to hold casting 18 inch Wagon WheelAffectionately called “The Wagon Wheel” this 18 inch diameter, hard to hold casting attaches to a drum that holds the snake on a drain cleaning machine. We partially machine the casting, install magnets, a bearing, a modified bronze bushing, dowel pin and grease fitting and then do the finish machining. The customer was making this in-house. Outsourcing the project to Contour allowed them to make room for a bigger project on their plant floor while improving quality and reducing lead time. Custom fixturing for the project was built in-house.

On this project the customer bought the product but needed to source the machining of the valve body with a new supplier. The unit had multiple holes drilled to serve as passageways. Customer wanted new ideas on how to plug them to reduce machining costs. The print was over-toleranced. This increased costs and made the machining process more difficult than it had to be. Working closely with the customer’s engineering team, we suggested adding an operation to hold critical tolerances and proposed a honing operation after plating. Problem solved.

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