Precision Machined Castings in Cleveland OH

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Machining Hard to Hold Castings is our Specialty!

Do you need machining done on parts that are not round or square? Do you need machining done on parts that are difficult to hold?

We specialize in difficult to hold castings – sand castings, aluminum castings, investment castings, powdered metal castings, ductile iron castings. We’ll work with your casting supplier or oversee that process for you. Managing casting suppliers to meet your needs is just part of what we do.

What makes us different from competitors is that we design and build these fixtures IN HOUSE.

  • This shortens your lead-time.
  • This reduces your costs.
  • This ensures the quality of the fixture we’ll use to make your parts.
  • And, this also allows us to accommodate any changes you may need more easily.

We have capabilities including turning, milling, drilling, tapping, boring, reaming, recessing, trepanning, thread milling, 3D machining and do other machining of these hard to hold parts to your specifications and tolerance.

  • Have tolerances ranging from +/-.0005” to +/-.020”
  • Fit in work envelopes ranging from approx 1” cube to 15” cube
  • Have recurring volumes ranging from 10 pcs to 1,000 pcs

We also provide a value added assembly service for your castings. Our expertise includes assemblies of these hard to hold castings as well as your other products. We do:

  • Mechanical assembly
  • Hydraulic assembly
  • Pneumatic assembly
  • We do not do electrical assembly or pc boards.

We’re happy to quote your round and square parts, along with the difficult to hold parts and assemblies making us your one stop solution. You’ll find our pricing and lead-times very competitive. Please fill out our quote form in the right column. We respond to all quote requests within 24 hours.

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CNC Milling

Our CNC vertical and horizontal milling machines are capable of handling your 3, 4 & 5 axis milling requirements. Many are equipped with custom tombstones and pallet changers. We can fulfill your requirements from short run to high volume production. Whether your product is made from raw stock, casting or forging, we have the right machine to provide you with the highest quality at the lowest price.

CNC Turning

To assist you with your complex parts, our 3, 4 & 5 axis CNC turning machines, some equipped with bar loaders, can handle production requirements from single piece to thousands per month. Whether it’s from
a saw cut slug or bar stock, we have the equipment to accommodate your needs.

CNC Mill & Turn

Today’s make-from-solid parts demand new thinking about processes to achieve the highest quality at world market prices. Contour Tool’s new Mill/Turn machines reduce handling from machining center to machining
center, lowering total process time and improving quality.

Laser Machining & Laser Marking

Laser machining can be used to create custom chip breakers on your tools. Laser marking is an accurate method of making highly legible, permanent markings down to a very small size on almost any surface.

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