“Never be hesitant to try something new, you might be surprised of your results.” And we did not hesitate! One of our current customers was experiencing capacity challenges to meet demands for their high performance racing piston line and looked to Contour Tool for help.  Through a joint working effort with our customer, taking an existing process and a transfer of macro machining language and a well thought out fixture, we have been able to assist in machining over 100 different part numbers to date. The piston product line orders can range between 96 pieces and as low as 8 pieces. Since starting this project in late April 2021, we have produced thousands of pistons for our customer with an average change over from one part to another in less than 10 minutes.

Not all needs are the same, but let Contour Tool take a look at helping you today with your manufacturing needs!

Are You in Need Of Assistance With Your Difficult Parts To Be Manufactured?

Tight Tolerances?

Hard to Hold?

Complex Castings

Complex Bar Stock Machined Parts

Low to High Volumes

Contour Precision Milling & machining has built an outstanding reputation of being able to produce precision machined parts to high quality standards. We have the unique skills needed and carry out the careful planning necessary to tackle the difficult work. Send us your part to quote today and see how we can help you, let our process and our customer partnership speak for itself.

Send your RFQ’s to: info@contourtool.com




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