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With advancements in modern technology a part can be programmed, machined and inspected all from a single solid model! Gone are the days of drawing in 2 dimensional and trying to visualize the part in front of you to program it.

Watch as we explain how a solid model of your part can streamline the entire process from start to finish. Using a supplied model we can program both the CNC machines and the CMM’s to reduce scrap and led times.

Just one more way Contour Tool is AWESOME and a solution to our customers problem parts.

Contour is Quality

Offline CNC & CMM Programming Leads to Greater Success and Shorter Lead-Times

Contour has had computer aided drafting (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) for quite a while. We’ve tried various brands and have ones that work very well for us. Adding off-line programming to our coordinate measuring machines (CMMS) has enabled our engineers to do what they do with the CNC machines to the CMMs: add value and reduce lead-times up front, so that things run better in the plant. Being able to design our fixtures, program our CNC machines and our CMM around a customer’s solid model has enabled us to improve our quality and reduce our lead times.

Every project that comes in our door will go through an extensive analysis by our team of engineers and this part was no exception. In order to obtain the near perfect finish required for this part we had to experiment with our process both internally and externally. It was a great growing opportunity for us and our customer and has helped forge a stronger customer relationship. We now have a proven process that produces high quality and is repeatable.

Are You In Need Of Assistance With Your Difficult Parts To Be Manufactured?

Tight Tolerances?

Hard to Hold?

Complex Castings

Complex Bar Stock Machined Parts

Low to High Volumes

Contour Precision Milling & Machining has built an outstanding reputation of being able to produce precision machined parts to high quality standards. We have the unique skills needed and carry out the careful planning necessary to tackle the difficult work. Send us your part to quote today and see how we can help you, let our process and our customer partnership speak for itself.

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