A lot of companies in the United States have gone virtual in order to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. There are states that have ordered workers to stay at home with the exemption of essential businesses and manufacturers. There have been unprecedented changes throughout the world and the manufacturing industry has been adversely affected. Even with the effects of the virus, companies need to keep in touch with their customers. We live in a digital world. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with precision machining or industrial manufacturing, there are ways you can still engage with the customer and we’re going to highlight some of them.

Serve Your Customers Through Video

There is a high chance that you’re already serving your customers through phone and email support but you can extend it to other digital channels. Customers need to know that you can communicate with them regardless of their location. You can explore conference calls if you’d like to personalize the interactions. There are so many applications out there that you can leverage for video communication. According to statistics, 68% of people prefer to learn about a product through video.

Updating Your Website With Company’s Response

Customers will be interested to know about the current situation of your company with the pandemic. They will need to know the measures that have been taken by your business to address the uncertain times that we’re currently living in. Have you been forced to shut down or reduce the working hours? How can customers get in touch with you in case they’d want to order and what is the process to be followed? You can elevate the importance of the message by putting out a personalized video about the situation.

Be Active on Social Media

Social media users are likely to follow the brands they use on their social channels. Since nearly everyone is on social media, it will be the perfect avenue to engage with your audience. You should consider more than one channel when trying to reach your customers via social media. If you’re still open for business, you should let your social media followers know as it is easy to make assumptions.
Customers need to be aware of the work that is being done for them so that they can appreciate the process. They get involved more which in turn leads to brand awareness.

Connecting With Customers

These are challenging times without doubt but it also presents the opportunity to be creative. Your business could be in a position to support the production of essential materials needed to help cope with the spread of COVID-19. There is a need for resilience with the hope that things will get better. Make sure that you’re not forgetting the customers even as you try and readjust to address the challenges that have come about because of the Coronavirus. There is always something you can do to make sure that the customer is happy. For more information on precision machines, you can check out https://www.contourprecisionmilling.com/cnc-precision-machining.

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