Primary Markets Served: Construction

Product:  Roll Grover Value Assembly Project

Function:  This machine cold-forms the clamp groove in 2” to 24” schedule 40 thru 80 piping used in large piping projects.

Problem: The customer had previously contracted with one of our competitors to manufacture and build this machine. That supplier had many quality and delivery issues, causing the customer to lose business to the competition.

Contour Solution: Contour developed processes to manufacture many of the parts in-house, a supply chain to supply other components, a system to manage inventory, and detailed work instructions to build the machine. We now ship the completed and packaged machine direct to the customer’s distribution center, ready for shipment to the end user. Our customer never sees the machine.

Takeaway: Whether it be the machining of hard-to-hold parts, the management of inventory, or the assembly and packaging of product, Contour has the depth and skill to tackle your project.

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part3 to 5 axis VMC and HMC, Mill/Turn Centers
Part DimensionsUp to 18”
Materials UsedSteel, Cast Iron, Aluminum, others
Material FinishContains Various Painted and Plated parts

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